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Culture Insights: Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna Topped Netflix

Culture Insights: Tinder Swindler and Inventing Anna Topped Netflix

Tinder Swindler

Just a few weeks ago, Tinder Swindler has topped the Netflix list for some time. The story shows how three women have worked together to bring awareness about scams. They were all victims of Simon Leviev (Shimon Hayut IRL).

Simon took them on expensive and whirlwind dates filled with luxury rides. The girls said that he introduced himself as the son of diamond king Lev Leviev. It was a good ride until it wasn’t. Simon allegedly has been entangled in life-threatening situations which needed the girl’s rescue.

The girls had to take out loans and new cards to support Simon in his “needs”. When the time to pay up came, his cheques bounced.

He recently made a statement in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition saying that he is not the monster everyone is talking about. He also claimed he was a legitimate businessman and that he did not force the women to hand money.

Inventing Anna

Just a few days later came Inventing Anna which details the life of Ana Sorokin. She came to the New York elite scene as a wealthy heiress. Soon, her story unraveled as funds started to run dry. The story visits people she has dealt with and how it has affected their lives.

There was a curious part in the series where it is alleged that Sorokin had ties with Billy McFarland. Yes, the founder of Magnises and the infamous Fyre Festival. Another interesting story of a scam.


In my opinion, the part that gave me the most cringe was how this mother have ignored her “newborn” child to pursue a story. I know it is her career and all but is it really more important than her child? Does Anna deserve that attention after what she has put people through?

I know that these documentaries are supposed to bring awareness to the scam. There will always be positive and negative effects. Yes, you bring light to the victims, and yes, you will bring fame to the aggressors. They became even more famous after they have committed the crime and the victims continue to suffer. Yes, some of the victims got GoFundMe pages but not all of them did. We should be more careful on how we portray such situations not to end up sending the wrong message.

Many have put into question the “fake it until you make it” attitude. We have seen so many people post wonderful photos of luxury, travel, and rich lifestyles on social media. This makes us ask if any of it is true? What do Billy, Anna, and Simon have in common? They were all faking it until they make it.

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