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Delhi govt New Guidelines Regarding ‘Manjha’

Delhi govt New Guidelines Regarding ‘Manjha’

Keeping in mind the kite flying in the capital Delhi on the upcoming Independence Day, the Aam Aadmi Party government of Delhi has warned of action against those who use Chinese manjha. Despite the ban on Chinese manja, its sale also raises questions about the working style of the police and administration. It was banned in Delhi in the year 2017. But despite this, it is being sold indiscriminately in many places.

In the past, many such incidents have come to light in Delhi where people have been injured due to Chinese manjha. Recently, a woman riding a scooty was seriously injured on the Seelampur flyover in East Delhi. At the same time, a bike rider was also injured in Nandnagri by a manjha. Taking the situation seriously, the Delhi government has once again warned of action against those who use Chinese manjha. Those who break the rules can be jailed for up to 5 years.

In July 2017, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) had banned the sale of dangerous Chinese manja across the country. The order came on the plea of ​​People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA. It said that kite flying has been a tradition of the country. But the dangerous Chinese manja causes serious injuries to animals and birds and people. Companies making manja. Went to the Supreme Court, which did not get relief from there.

Chinese manjha is made from nylon and synthetic thread. Glass and other metals are also used, making it a conductor of electricity. There is a danger of electrocution due to its contact with electric wires and other equipment. Many people have lost their lives in the whole country including Delhi due to this kind of manjha. Earlier, the National Green Tribunal had also ordered all states to ban its use. Manjha is usually made of thread. A layer of glass is put on it. Ordinary Manjha is also very dangerous because of its torrent. But it breaks easily. In that case it is dangerous. Chinese Manjha is made from special material, which is very difficult to break. Therefore it is more dangerous. Chinese Manjha is specially prepared. A total of five types of chemicals and other metals are used in making Chinese manjha. These include lead, industrial glue called Vajram, flour flour, aluminum oxide and zirconia oxide. When all these things are mixed, a sharp-edged Chinese manjha is ready.

Chinese manjha is very sharp. It is an electric conductor, so there is a danger of electric current coming from it. At the same time, it does not break easily and gets stuck or stuck in someone’s throat. More than this happens to the drivers of two wheelers, because there is a fear of getting the string of a cut kite stuck in their neck. Due to this there is a risk of accident or people get injured due to Manjha. Usually the manjha breaks after a mild jolt. But sometimes it also becomes fatal. Every year many cases of Manjha injuries are reported.

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