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Delhi Govt Raises Minimum Wage of Laborers

Delhi Govt Raises Minimum Wage of Laborers

There is news of relief for the people of the working class who are facing financial crisis during the Corona period. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister and Labor Minister Manish Sisodia has issued an order to increase dearness allowance of unskilled, semi-skilled, skilled and other workers of Delhi. Along with this, everyone has also been instructed to ensure payment with the increased rate. The Delhi government claims that the minimum wage paid to laborers in Delhi is the highest as compared to any other state in the country. This increase will benefit at least 55 lakh contractual workers.

Under Dearness Allowance, the monthly salary of unskilled laborers has been increased from Rs 15,492 to Rs 15,908, the monthly salary of semi-skilled workers has been increased from Rs 17,069 to Rs 17,537 and the monthly salary of skilled workers has been increased from Rs 18,797 to Rs 19,291. Apart from this, the rate of minimum wages of supervisor and clerical employees has been increased. In these, the monthly salary of non-matriculated employees has been increased from Rs 17,069 to Rs 17,537, for matriculation but non-graduate employees from Rs 18,797 to Rs 19,291 and for workers with graduate and above educational qualifications from Rs 20,430 to Rs 20,976.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that keeping in mind the interests of the poor and working class, this big step has been taken during the Corona epidemic. Employees of clerical and supervisor class will also get the benefit of this. He said that dearness allowance cannot be stopped to such workers of the unorganized sector, who usually get only minimum wages. Therefore, the Delhi government has announced a new minimum wage by adding dearness allowance.

Manish Sisodia said that although we are cutting many expenses of the government, but keeping in mind the interest of the workers, we have decided to increase their dearness allowance. Due to Corona, today every section of the society has also been affected financially. On top of that, items of daily consumption like pulses and oil have also become expensive. It is expected that this announcement will give relief to the workers.

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