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Delhi Have To Wait Another Week For Monsoon

Delhi Have To Wait Another Week For Monsoon

At present, there is no relief from the scorching heat in the capital Delhi. This time the monsoon is getting delayed due to arrival in Delhi. If the weather experts are to be believed, then this time there is no possibility of monsoon coming till the end of June. That is, this time in the month of June, people will have to face the sun spewing fire.

There does not seem to be any improvement in the temperature of Delhi-NCR. Today’s minimum temperature is 28 degrees and the maximum temperature can be recorded around 40 degrees. The heat has made the condition of the people miserable. The people of Delhi will have to wait longer for the monsoon rains. Waiting a week won’t be easy.

In Delhi, heat and humidity can be felt day and night. The reason for the delay in monsoon is being attributed to the westerly winds which are blocking the rain showers in many areas of the north-west including Delhi.

Kuldeep Srivastava, head of IMD’s Regional Forecasting Centre, said that light rain is expected in Delhi-NCR around June 26 but the region will have to wait more for monsoon rains. The Meteorological Department had earlier predicted that monsoon winds could blow in Delhi till June 15, 12 days before the scheduled. Normally the monsoon reaches Delhi by 27th June and reaches the entire country by 8th July.

Skymet Weather, a private forecasting agency, said that on June 25 last year, monsoon winds had hit Delhi and had reached the entire country by June 29. Agency official Mahesh Palawat said that there is a possibility of monsoon rains in Delhi only around the end of June. He said, “Western winds are preventing the monsoon from reaching the rest of Northwest India for a few days. They are expected to stay for at least another week.

It has become difficult for people to walk in Delhi’s Connaught Place during the day. The heat has increased the difficulties of many working people. Somewhere someone is standing in the shade of a tree and somewhere someone is taking the help of shikanji. A person named Raj told that since two days the heat has broken as havoc.

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