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Dharan: The Sixth Branch of Yoga (Int’I Yoga Day)

Dharan: The Sixth Branch of Yoga (Int’I Yoga Day)

The sixth limb in Ashtang Yoga is ‘Dharan’ which stands for ‘the act of holding, bearing, wearing, supporting something for the sake of goodness’ as defined in the ‘Yoga-Sutra’ by sage Patanjali.

For self-realisation, every step is equally crucial, having its own importance but last three steps; Dharan, Dhyan and Samadhi are knitted closely. Practicing of Dharan primarily emphasis on the internal Yoga free from outer word and physical senses.

Importance of Dharan
after successfully attaining Pratyahaar, practitioner is now aware about ‘do’s and don’ts’ for the better quality of life but for ‘self- realisation’ one should have strong command over his mind. He must know how to concentrate on essentials, what to explore and what’s the limits at the particular points of time.
Mother nature blessed our mind with immense energy and possibilities but generally people don’t know how to collect it today’s the life standard. The aim of Dharan is bind your consciousness with a specific goal, thing or target.

Practice of Dharan
In the modern everyone facing cut-throat competition, lives are full of stress and disappointments; it is not easy to realise the strength of own mind.

While practicing Dharan by regular Meditation and deep concentration, it brings the mind into focus and prepare it to hold the concentration on right point with a broader mind.
Initially it is difficult to concentrate and hold your mind as desired ; practitioner can start with a wider vision .As you progress, the area of your concentration can become smaller and more focused.Focusing on right direction with a sacred aim of self-realisation trained your mind to close off all the paths for negative thoughts, vibes and actions.

Gradually practicing Medication, deep concentration Of Dharan develop the ability to explore within the limits you set it. After practicing of advanced state of meditation, mind start reacting how to control overflow of thoughts, avoid distractions, without jumping from one topic to another.

In successful Dharan, all body-consciousness develop harmony with thoughts and eternal goal means a perfect synchronisation established between body mind and heart.

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