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Dressing at Home

Dressing at Home


Routine gives us a sense of safety as following the proper routine make us feel that everything is managed properly. But all thanks to Coronavirus we are in our 4th week of lockdown, it seems that daily routine has lost somewhere.

All of us have locked ourselves in houses to be safe and sane. Most of us now have no reason to wake up early and get ready. But the fact is dressing up daily plays an important role in a healthier life, as it keeps you happy, reduce stress and make you more productive.

Dressing up early morning provides you with the positive energy that makes you more productive and you can give 100% of your attention to the work. Are you struggling to get the working mode in this lockdown, No worries we are here with the reason why to
dress up even in lockdown period?

If you want to set the working mode at home, maintain daily routines such as get up early
morning, have shower, dress-up, have breakfast and then get to the work on the
same time you do at the office.

8 reason to dress up daily in the morning.
Dressing up early morning plays an important role in productivity, this makes us active and
energetic and we are less inclined to the bed. Everyone thinks why to dress up in lockdown
as we have to stay at home only. The enlisted below are 8 reasons to dress up early morning.

The fresh body leads to a fresh mind
We all know lockdown means we don’t have to go out, but this is the perfect time to be productive. As now you have a lot of time to think and you can invest your time in positive productivity. Dressing up in early morning plays a very important role in productivity, as you will be less inclined to the sofa or bed.

Bright clothes positively enhance your moodand you will function better. Dressing up doesn’t only mean to wear good clothes, it means to wake early morning brush, take a shower and wear clean clothes.

Time to Experiment
All of us have some of the bright clothes, which we scared to wear. This is the perfect time to check and make fashion blunders and nobody would know about them! This is the best way to utilize the time to get rid of boredom.

The main advantage you will get to know what you need to shop after lockdown. Try
out all clothes hidden in the wardrobe. Mix and match them and be a fashion blogger!
In the end, you will left will some awesome contrast and combination, which you can
wear after the lockdown.

Relieves Anxiety
I am not a psychologist but according to my personal experience, I feel that dressing keep
me calm down. A fresh start to the day by wearing clean clothes and applying lipstick
makes me feel good and energetic even be fore the starting of the work.

You are more active when you are dressed correctly. Being active means you will give 100% to the work and stay attentive throughout the day even if you are working from home. Thus being active means being creative. When you complete your task by the time, you will feel less anxious.

In nutshell, dressing improves the overall personality of the persona and act as a stress

Photoshoots with siblings
If you are dressed up, you can plan a photo shoot with your siblings on the terrace or in the park. And if you are the elder one in your home, you can ask them to click some perfect picture for your Instagram. This is a better way to utilize the time in lockdown and you will get the reason to dress up.

Boosts your self-esteem
PJs look cute at weekends as on these days we all intent to just laze around.

But on weekdays we need to get work so dressing properly always helps us to feel well-dressed and productive.

Combing hair, putting on lipstick and mascara can right away uplift your mood and also
offers you with the positive energy to work well.

Improves overall productivity
Wearing PJs all day long offer the lazy weekend vibe which makes you feel lazy and

But when wake up early in the morning and get dressed, it offers a sense of purpose, which instantly increase your productivity and confidence level by offering positive vibes which make you complete your task in less time.

Ready for those unexpected video calls
During this lockdown everyone is working from home, imagine you got an unexpected video call from your boss and you are being caught in PJs. Awkward! But being dressed can save you from this situation and keep you ready for the video-call all the time!

A great kick start to the day
Study claims that chilling in PJs for the entire day makes you lazy. You tend to feel less
productive and move slowly. No doubt!

PJs at weekend look cute but on weekends they directly affect your productivity by offering the lazy vibes. But getting up early morning and dress up before you starting
work tricks your brain into believing that you are going to work for the entire day.

Try it once you will surely feel good and will work with full confidence and energy. Dressing up doesn’t only mean to wear good clothes, it means to wake early morning brush, take a shower and wear clean clothes. Dressing improves overall health and productivity by offering positive energy.

Wearing boring PJs make you lazy and tired but on the other hand, dressing properly,
combing hair, put on some lipstick and mascara instantly uplift your mood.

The best way to set up the working mode at home in this lockdown is to maintain a healthy routine. The most important things now a day is staying home and regularly wash your hand.

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