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Drone Spotted Over Indian High Commission in Islamabad, India Lodges Protest

Drone Spotted Over Indian High Commission in Islamabad, India Lodges Protest

Taking very seriously the incident of drone sighting over the Indian embassy in Islamabad last week, the Indian government has expressed strong objection to Pakistan. A source well versed in the whole matter gave this information to news agency PTI. The source said that India considered the incident a breach of security, due to which the mission has become concerned. The Indian Embassy has already taken up verbally vigorously before the Pakistani authorities.

Significantly, after two drone strikes on the Air Force station in Jammu on the midnight of June 27, concerns have been raised about the security of security establishments in the country. However, no official statement has been issued yet on the drone sighting incident at the Indian Embassy in Islamabad.

According to security officials, this is the first time that important installations in India were targeted by drones by suspected Pakistan-based terrorists. Chief of Army Staff General M.M. Naravane said on Thursday that the easy availability of drones has increased the complexity of the challenges.

On June 27, two blasts created a ruckus inside the Air Force station near the Jammu airport. There were two explosions here within five minutes. The blasts were planned from across the border. There were two blasts inside the Air Force station in Jammu late on 27th June. The first explosion took place at 1:37 pm and the second explosion took place exactly 5 minutes later at 1:42 pm. Thankfully no one was harmed in these blasts. According to the Air Force, the first blast took place on the roof of the building and the second blast took place on the ground.

On June 30, two drones were also seen in Jammu. One drone was seen in Kaluchak area at 4:40 am, while the other drone was seen in Kunjwani at 4:52 am. The great thing is that both these areas come within 7 to 10 km radius of the Air Force Station. It is being said that since the attack on the Jammu Air Force Station, drones are being seen continuously, which is a matter of concern for the security forces. Not only this, whatever drones are being spotted, they are happening here near the military base and military station.

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