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Dusit Thani Kyoto: A Fusion of Thai Hospitality and Japanese Tradition Opens on September 1

Dusit Thani Kyoto: A Fusion of Thai Hospitality and Japanese Tradition Opens on September 1

Experience the Intersection of Cultures at Japan’s Newest Urban Sanctuary

In a harmonious blend of Thai hospitality and the refined elegance of Japanese tradition, a new chapter in luxury accommodation is set to unfold. Opening its doors on September 1st, the Dusit Thani Kyoto promises to captivate guests with its unique synthesis of cultural influences, modern amenities, and an immersive experience in the heart of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.

Unveiling the Urban Sanctuary

Nestled within the cultural heartland of Kyoto, Dusit Thani Kyoto is more than just a hotel; it’s an oasis where history meets contemporary comfort. From the moment you step into the graceful lobby lounge, a sense of tranquility envelops you. The meticulously designed guestrooms and suites offer an exquisite fusion of opulence and warmth, ensuring that you feel both indulged and at ease.

Central to Dusit Thani Kyoto’s charm is its immaculate courtyard—a serene haven where guests can find respite from the bustling city outside. This meticulously landscaped space invites contemplation and relaxation, providing a peaceful retreat that reflects the Zen sensibilities of Kyoto.

A Journey of Culinary Delights

Dining at Dusit Thani Kyoto is an exploration of flavors that seamlessly intertwine Thai and Japanese culinary traditions. Guests are invited to indulge in the epitome of Thai cuisine and the nuanced art of Japanese gastronomy. The hotel’s restaurants promise an unforgettable culinary journey, where flavors, aromas, and textures dance in harmony, offering a feast for the senses.

Holistic Well-being and Activities

Beyond the confines of luxurious accommodations and exceptional dining experiences, Dusit Thani Kyoto presents a world of holistic well-being and cultural immersion. Guests can unwind and rejuvenate at Devarana Wellness, where spa treatments and hydrotherapy transport them to a realm of relaxation and serenity.

For those seeking to engage more deeply with the culture of Kyoto, an array of activities awaits. From a Thai cooking class that unveils the secrets of Thai delicacies to the intricate art of Wagashi making, a hands-on experience of Japanese culinary artistry, guests can immerse themselves in cultural experiences that leave lasting memories.

Opening Offer: A Truly Exclusive Experience

To celebrate its grand opening, Dusit Thani Kyoto extends a warm invitation to be among its first guests. The opening offer, available until October 31, 2023, provides an exclusive opportunity to experience this urban sanctuary at a special rate. Dusit Gold members enjoy even more privileges, including complimentary hotel credit, significant savings on dining, spa treatments, and more.

Dusit Gold members stay from JPY 36,000 per night
Non-members stay from JPY 45,000 per night

Reserve from now – 31 October 2023
Stays from 1 September – 31 October 2023

Privileges include,

  • Complimentary JPY 5,000 hotel credit per person per stay
  • 20% savings on food and beverage during stay

Not yet a member? Join Dusit Gold for exclusive privileges including,

  • Up to 30% discount on dining*
  • Up to 15% discount on spa treatments at Devarana Wellness
  • Late check-out up to 6 pm*
  • Complimentary Breakfast (for Elite members)
  • Dusit ‘Instant Delight’ reward
  • Welcome amenities

* Benefits are dependent on your Dusit Gold membership tier. Learn more on​

Enrich Your Stay at Dusit Gold

For those seeking exceptional privileges and rewards, the Dusit Gold loyalty program beckons. Members unlock an array of benefits, from generous discounts on dining and spa treatments to late check-out and welcome amenities. With varying tiers of membership, Dusit Gold ensures that each guest’s experience is tailored to their preferences.

Activities that Ignite the Soul

The Dusit Thani Kyoto experience transcends the ordinary with a curated selection of activities that connect guests to the essence of Kyoto. From Kaiseki dinners accompanied by Maiko and Geiko to yoga and breathwork sessions that rejuvenate the spirit, the hotel’s offerings go beyond accommodation, creating memories that linger long after check-out.

A Gateway to Kyoto’s Soul

As Dusit Thani Kyoto prepares to welcome its inaugural guests, it beckons travelers to step into a realm where Thai warmth converges with Japanese grace, and modern luxury meets ancient tradition. This urban sanctuary invites you to explore not only the vibrant city of Kyoto but also the cultural heritage that defines it—a journey that will forever be etched in your heart.

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