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Earthquake tremors felt in Gujarat

Earthquake tremors felt in Gujarat

In some areas of Gujarat, earthquake tremors were felt before the storm. The earthquake affected parts of Somnath district, Diu in Junagadh district, southern part of Rajkot. Its intensity was measured at 4.8 on the reactor scale.

Its center was found in the southern part of Rajkot, 10 km from the ground. Apart from this, areas around Rajula, Jaffarabad and Amreli have also been affected. After the midnight earthquake, people came out of the houses in fear.

In view of the threat of ‘Toukate’ storm the government has issued an Orange Alert in the state and appealed to the people not to leave the house for two days. The storm may hit Gujarat coast between Porbandar and Mahuva on Tuesday morning. During this time, the speed of the storm can be up to 185 kmph. The Meteorological Department says that Gujarat will be the most affected by this cyclone.

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