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Embassy of India Extends Consular Services to Pattaya

Embassy of India Extends Consular Services to Pattaya

Consular Camp at Pattaya

Pattaya: With the Embassy of India now extending their consular services for PIO, Passport Renewal, attestation of documents etc., to Pattaya, Indian citizens in Pattaya would not need to visit Bangkok for new passport applications for their newborn babies. The Embassy of India in Bangkok held a Consular Camp at the Mind Resort, Pattaya, where documents for new passport of a new born child were also collected by the officials.

Happy parents thanked the Embassy of India for holding the camp on a weekend and for providing consular service at the doorstep.

From the Indian Embassy  Consular Services, Mr. Kesang Wangdi (First Secretary Consular), Mr  Prabhat Kumar Das (Attaché Pol), Vinay Kumar and Mr. Krishan Kumar Aggarwal (Representatives of Indian Embassy in Pattaya ) helped Indian citizens in completing and collecting all the necessary documents. There is a large Indian community in Pattaya and nearby areas.

Embassy of India officials in Pattaya
Embassy of India officials helping parents in Pattaya submit new passport applications for their new born babies


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