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Everyone Must Taste These Foods in Gujarat

Everyone Must Taste These Foods in Gujarat

Gujarat present in the western part of India is famous for its many tourist places. The more popular places to visit in Gujarat are, the more Gujarat is known for its food. By the way, people passing by are very fond of food and even if it is not, the food here is so delicious. If you are also going to visit Gujarat or want to eat Gujarati food, then definitely try the famous Gujarati dishes mentioned in this article once.

A soft, light and delicious Gujarati dish, Khandvi is very popular among Gujarati food lovers. Khandvi dish gives a unique sweet and salty taste with the addition of gram flour, salt and sugar solution. The most important thing is that it is not too high in calories, so people who lose weight can also eat it with pleasure. Gujaratis definitely eat it for breakfast.

Dhokla is most commonly served in Gujarati cuisine. In addition, Dhokla is also the most eaten dish in the world. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is no time to eat Dhokla for Gujarati cuisine lovers. Dhokla is cooked in steam and that is why very little oil is used in it. Dhokla is best eaten with green chutney (made from coriander or mint) or sweet chutney (made from dates and tamarind).

Handvo is made from a paste of rice, chana dal, tur dal and urad dal and is garnished with white sesame seeds. Handvo is a sweet and savory cake, which is made a bit like Bhot Dhokla but the taste of both is quite different. Gujaratis use a different type of pressure cooker to make handvo after tempering with oil, cumin, mustard and curry leaves.

A commonly eaten Gujarati food, Thepla is a flatbread prepared with fenugreek leaves, wheat flour or cumin seeds in many variations. Thepla is prepared like roti by mixing various ingredients. You can eat it hot or cold by taking it anywhere comfortably with curd and chunda.

Originating from Surat, this Gujarati dish has a unique flavour, as well as a slightly different preparation. Undhiyu is a mix vegetable dish that is cooked upside down in earthen pots. In Gujarati words, the name of the dish is derived from ‘undhu’, which means upside down. Ingredients of Undhiyu include brinjals, fried chickpea dumplings, bananas and beans slow-cooked with potatoes, green peas, buttermilk, coconut and spices.

Milk is such a product in India, with the help of which more than half of the sweets are made. Basundi is a sweet dish consisting of boiled condensed milk and made in many flavors such as custard apple and grape. Basundi is especially served on auspicious occasions and festivals like Kali Chaudas and Bhaubeej. Many say that the Basundi dish is somewhat similar to the North Indian dish Rabri.

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