Everything You Need to Know About Dzukou Valley

Photo: Debraj Chakraborty

Known as one of the most charming valleys in all of Nagaland, Dzkou Valley is a spectacular visual treat of emerald green hills, lush forests, serpentine streams, and myriad colorful blooms that dot the vast caldera of the valley and its meadows. It is by far the best-known trekking route in Nagaland. After one has completed this unremittingly steep climb and subsequent 2-3 hours of walk through low bamboo scrub, one probably begins to understand why!The topography indicates that the valley is the bottom of a large crater or caldera of a long extinct volcano, and one can look down upon it from the rim of the caldera. At 2,400 meter, there is a special kind of beauty, almost desolate, especially in the long shadows of early morning or late afternoon.Above the valley remains a huge mountain hut – almost like a shed! Behind the hut, there is a small cluster of oak and rhododendron forest. Beyond this, there are some steep hills – which really tempts one to climb for a better view. Half way up and any signs of tracks disappear and one is just left with fighting endless bamboo thickets.No doubt that this valley presents a very good opportunity for young people, travelling independently, to gain some trekking experience.

NOTE: You need an Inner Line Permit to visit Nagaland. This can be obtained from Nagaland House in Kolkata, Guwahati or Dimapur. In addition to the fee to be paid for the Inner Line Permit, there is an entry fee of Rs.30 per person for entering the Dzukou Valley. This can be paid at the time of getting the ILP

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