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Fighting for Kyiv

Fighting for Kyiv


Fighting for Kyiv. Recent satellite photos show updates on what is happening on the outskirts of Kyiv. The capital city has not yet fallen, but Russian troops are beginning to enter the city.

The northern city of Chernihiv shows significant damage. In Hostomel, northwest suburb of Kyiv, Antonov Airbase is now under Russian control. Smoke rises from the tanks that were set on fire.

Northwest of Kyiv in the town of Borodyanka shows a series of apartment buildings demolished. The demolition was caused by Russian airstrikes. Just outside Kyiv in Stoyanka, the satellite shows images of a warehouse completely stripped open.

80 miles northeast of Kyiv shows Chernihiv consumed by fire. Among the buildings that were destroyed was the Epicenter K supermarket. On the south side of Chernihiv, industrial buildings are also on fire.

Russian Convoy

The 40-mile Russian convoy near Kyiv seems to have dispersed. Recent satellite images show most of the vehicles have moved to a different position. Some were hidden in the forest while some has traveled miles.

Parts of the convoy are seen repositioned into the forests tree line areas near Lubyanka. In the residential areas of Ozera, some Russian vehicles were seen sitting on the roadways. This is just 17 miles from Kyiv. In some patched areas, artillery and other vehicles are hidden, they are spotted 3 miles from the Antonov Airbase. In Berestyanka, hidden within the tree line are rocket launchers. Towards the end of the convoy about southeast of Ivankiv, some vehicles were just sitting on the roadway.

In the eastern part of Kyiv, in Brovary, there has been increased activity on the ground. Heavy fighting has ensued between the Russian and Ukrainian armies. It appears that the Russians continue to advance but Ukrainians resisted. However, as both armies go head-to-head, the civilians continue to suffer. In the suburb, there is no supply of water, food, or medicines.

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