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Five Famous Markets of India

Five Famous Markets of India

India is a country which is looked upon with great respect all over the world. People from all over the country and abroad come here every year to see the ancient things here, the hill stations here, the natural things here, etc. There are many such places in India, where you can visit. But if you are planning to buy something for home or for yourself, then you can head to some of the ancient and traditional markets located in India.

Kolkata’s New Market
This market has a long history. This new market was started around 1874. There are more than two thousand shops in this market. Flowers, utensils, leather goods, household necessities, good food etc. everything is available in this market.

Delhi’s Chandni Chowk
The market of Chandni Chowk, located in the capital of the country, Delhi, is very famous. This market is located in Old Delhi. You have to shop for weddings, get household items, light items, buy on festivals or taste delicious food etc. Here you will get everything easily.

Mumbai’s Dadar Flower Market
When festivals come, if there is a happy occasion in the house, flowers are needed for other things. In such a situation, you can turn to Dadar Bazar of Mumbai. It is also known by the name of Phool Gali. This is the oldest and traditional flower market in Mumbai. Here you will easily find many types of flowers like rose, marigold, lotus etc.

Hyderabad’s Lad Bazar
If you have been to Hyderabad, then you must have visited the Charminar here. Just near this is the Lad Bazar of Hyderabad. This market is well known for pearl jewelery and bangles. Apart from this, you will get all kinds of stuff here. People come here to shop. It is said about this market that it belongs to the Nizam era.

Sadar Bazar located in Delhi
Delhi’s Sadar Bazar is known for wholesale sales. Not only Delhi, goods go from here to its surrounding states as well. Here you get the goods at a wholesale price, which is much cheaper than outside. From big shopkeepers to common people go to this market to shop.

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