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Foods to Keep Your Bones Healthy

Foods to Keep Your Bones Healthy

Bones have many roles in the body. They provide shape, structure, protect organs, support muscles and store calcium. Therefore, maintaining bone health becomes very important. Weak bones can lead to osteoporosis, rickets, bone cancer, bone infection.

It is also important to maintain bone health

When you are young, your body makes new bone quickly. Bone can be built strong through a healthy diet, lifestyle changes, using supplements and being physically active. Some foods are being told for you, by eating which you can improve bone health.

Salmon – Fatty fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fats. They help your body meet the required amount of Vitamin D. Both vitamin D and omega-3s help promote bone health and development and should therefore be included in your diet.

Milk- Milk is often called super food. It contains a good amount of calcium, which makes it suitable for improving bone health. You can use milk as breakfast by adding it to smoothies, oats or just by itself.

Nuts- Eating a handful of nuts provides many benefits including good bone health. Many types of nuts include walnuts, almonds and pecans. These nuts are a rich source of bone health-promoting nutrients such as calcium, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids and phosphorous.

Eggs– Cheap and easy to make Eggs are a treasure trove of nutrients including rich protein. Lack of protein in the body can inhibit bone growth. Eggs are the easiest way to include protein in your diet. You can use it in many ways. Eggs can be boiled, fried or eaten in the form of omelet.

Spinach – Spinach vegetable is rich in vitamin K. Vitamin K is essential for maintaining bone health. Including green vegetables in your daily diet is important not only for maintaining bone health but also for your overall health. Include green leafy vegetables in your daily life.

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