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For Indian Tourists- Don’t Get Trapped, Keep An Eye For These Scams

For Indian Tourists- Don’t Get Trapped, Keep An Eye For These Scams

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Thailand has some traps and scams you should be aware of if you happen to be traveling there. In this post, we’ve brought you tips on a few popular scams that Indian tourists should keep an eye out for in Thailand.

1.Taxi Scam

Taxis in Bangkok must use their meters in order to operate legally. Please politely ask them to turn on their meter if you enter one without it. Phuket, for instance, has fewer metered taxis and generally charges a fixed price, which is costly. The Grab app can help you estimate the cost of a trip if you provide information on the destination.

2. Bird Seed Scam

In front of the Grand Palace, you may see many people feeding birds, and they may ask you to feed the birds free of charge. However, it is a trap, and if you feed the birds, they will demand the price of the food and it is not a small sum. They charge outrageous prices like a hundred Thai Baht.

3. Tourist Place is Closed

Travelers in Thailand and particularly in Bangkok are often told that temples, tourist sites, and other places are closed, which is one of the most common scams. It is important to know the hours opening hours of places you intend to visit so you can ignore these people. You should also be cautious if anyone offers you a guided tour on their tuk-tuk for a suspiciously low price, like 100 baht.

4. Gem Store Scam

It’s possible that the driver of your tuk-tuk or taxi will take you to a gem store that offers discounts on precious stones and gems. It is a scam. All the gems are fake, made up of just glass, and you will end up spending thousands of dollars on something that isn’t even worth a quarter of what you paid.

5. Change Scam

When tourists pay a large bill, some shopkeepers will give the wrong change. Learn about the bills in the country you are visiting and know how much you are giving and how much you owe before handing over cash.

Tourists who visit Thailand are sometimes unlucky enough to fall victim to scams that leave them with a bitter taste in their mouths. These are a few well-known tricks used by these scammers and they can be avoided if you know how to identify them. Also, don’t forget to check out Indo Thai News to stay updated on the latest Thai news.

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