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Four big announcements of delhi government

Four big announcements of delhi government

Kejriwal Government

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made big announcements for the Covid victims. They have said that even those who need it in Delhi but they do not have a card will get ration. Delhi government will provide education to children whose parents have both died due to corona. On the other hand, the only person in the house who did not live due to Corona will also be given pension.

government gives five kg rations to people. Along with this, five kg ration will be given under the Centre’s scheme. In this way, people will be able to take 10 kg of ration this month. But there are many people in Delhi who need and do not have a card, they will also be given ration.

There are many people who have died from Corona. Such people will be given a compensation of 50-50 lakhs

For families in which the earning person has died, a pension of Rs 2500 will also be started with a compensation of 50 lakh.

Children who have been orphaned due to corona. Each such child will be given Rs 2500-2500 every month for 25 years and their education will also be made free.

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