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From L.A. to Shenzhen: CHANEL’s Cruise 2023/24 Collection

From L.A. to Shenzhen: CHANEL’s Cruise 2023/24 Collection

Cinema is a captivating realm that invites us to gather around a vision, a waking dream. For CHANEL, the fusion of fashion and film has always been a source of inspiration, mirroring the brand’s ambition to dream, unite, and expand horizons. Virginie Viard, the Creative Director of CHANEL, weaves a dream of uniting diverse worlds through her collections, drawing upon the imagination of Los Angeles and the West Coast. The Cruise 2023/24 collection pays homage to the cinematic and celebratory spirit of Los Angeles, while CHANEL embarks on a new voyage to the dynamic city of Shenzhen, China, celebrating the House’s enduring connection with the country.

Hollywood Stories

To delve deeper into the fusion of fashion, cinema, and culture, CHANEL invited actresses and CHANEL ambassadors, Marion Cotillard and Zhou Xun, as well as actor and CHANEL ambassador Wang Yibo, to share their impressions on Los Angeles, Shenzhen, the bonds between CHANEL and cinema, and the enchanting Cruise 2023/24 collection. Their perspectives offer a unique insight into the allure of these two vibrant cities and the connection between fashion and the silver screen.

Shenzhen by André

Visual artist André, renowned for his iconic character Monsieur A, is a prominent figure in the world of street art. Having played a pivotal role in designing show invitations and posters in both Los Angeles and Shenzhen, André now shares his panoramic perspective of the Chinese city, celebrating CHANEL’s latest showcase in mainland China. His artistry captures the essence of the vibrant and ever-evolving city of Shenzhen, setting the stage for a remarkable fashion event.

Cruising the Show

The CHANEL Cruise 2023/24 collection, unveiled last May in Los Angeles and recently showcased in Shenzhen, seamlessly marries the reverie of old Hollywood glamour with the laid-back charm of Los Angeles’ way of life. “Between a tribute to the glamour of great film stars and evoking the world of fun to be had with aerobics, sports, and roller skating, between the dream on one hand and what you want to wear on the other, it’s all a question of balance,” notes Virginie Viard, Artistic Director of CHANEL’s Fashion collections. The collection breathes fresh air into the fashion world, offering a light-hearted and joyful fantasy, which is a testament to the magical fusion of fashion and film.

Championing the Film Industry

CHANEL’s commitment to the film industry extends back almost a century. The House has been instrumental in dressing actresses and supporting filmmaking. In mainland China, CHANEL extends its commitment by nurturing a new generation of filmmakers, particularly women, through three pioneering initiatives. These initiatives are set to foster a flourishing cinematic landscape, enriching the world of film, and strengthening CHANEL’s bond with China.

As CHANEL embarks on its journey from Los Angeles to Shenzhen, the brand’s fusion of fashion, film, and culture continues to captivate and inspire. The Cruise 2023/24 collection reflects the dream of uniting diverse worlds and embracing the enchanting spirit of cinema. With a longstanding commitment to the film industry, CHANEL is not only celebrating the past but also nurturing the future of cinema in mainland China. This cinematic journey is a testament to the enduring allure of fashion and film, and its power to unite and inspire.

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