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Fuel Price Hiked Again Today

Fuel Price Hiked Again Today

Inflation continues on both petrol and diesel fuels Oil companies have once again increased the prices of petrol and diesel on Sunday. Due to which the trouble of the common man has increased further. The common man is already battling inflation amid declining income. The retail price of petrol in the national capital increased by 35 paise to Rs 99.51 per liter. At the same time, diesel has increased to Rs 89.36 after an increase of 18 paise per liter.

Now petrol in Chennai is priced at Rs 100.44 per liter and diesel at Rs 93.91 per liter. The price of petrol is also very close to hitting a century in Delhi and Kolkata. Petrol is being sold at 99.45 per liter and diesel 92.27 per liter in Kolkata today. Mumbai is the second metro city, where the price of petrol has reached Rs 105.58 per liter.

  • City ​​Petrol Diesel
  • Mumbai – 105.58 96.91
  • Lucknow 96.65 89.75
  • Gurugram 97.20 89.96
  • Chandigarh 95.70 89.00
  • Noida 96.76 89.83
  • Bengaluru 102.84 94.72
  • Patna 101.62 94.76
  • Hyderabad 103.41 97.40
  • Jaipur 106.27 98.47

With the new hike, petrol prices have come very close to hitting the century mark across the country. In some cities and towns of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, the rate of petrol has crossed Rs 100 per liter.

Starting from the price of Rs 90.40 per liter on 1 May, now the price of petrol in the national capital Delhi has gone up to Rs 99.51 per liter, which is Rs 9.11 per liter in the last 60 days. Similarly, the price of diesel in the capital also increased by Rs 8.63 per liter in the last two months to Rs 89.36 per liter in Delhi.

The price of petrol and diesel is updated daily based on the price of crude in the international market along with forex rates.

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