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Good Opportunity To Visit Thailand, Rooms Available For As Low As $1

Good Opportunity To Visit Thailand, Rooms Available For As Low As $1

Traveling, having fun, visiting new places, gathering information about new places, photography visiting these places, tasting new food etc. Who doesn’t like to do all this? Everyone wants to go on a trip with their friends, because it is true that the real fun of traveling comes only with friends. At the same time, people like to travel in India, as well as people of India also like to go abroad. Although many places are quite right to visit with friends, but Thailand has always been a favorite tourist destination for the people of India. The city of Phuket is liked by everyone. At the same time, now many good attractive offers are being given to the tourists here, including a hotel rooms at as low as $1 (INR 72)

Actually, for those who have got the corona vaccine, Phuket (Thailand city) is opening it from the month of July for those international travelers. In such a situation, people who have got vaccination will be able to go here. Not only this, a campaign has been run by Thailand Tourist Group, under which hotel rooms will also have to pay very little money. This campaign, run by the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT), is known as ‘One Night, One Dollar’.

Under the ‘One Night, One Dollar’ campaign, these rooms of hotels will cost around one dollar 72 rupees in Indian money. In such a situation, some hotel rooms will be given to passengers for only one dollar per night. At the same time, it is believed that if this campaign is successful then it can also be implemented in places like Koh Samui and Bangkok. However, this has not been officially confirmed yet.

The rooms which will be given to the passengers for about one dollar, usually these rooms are given between 1000 to 3000 Baht per night i.e. around Rs 2328 to Rs 6984. The governor of Thailand’s tourism authority, Yuthasak Supasorn, said during a press release that Phuket is going to allow international tourists to visit their country in a phased manner. Those who have got the corona vaccine, those local and international tourists will be allowed from July 1. At the same time, he also said that people will be allowed to come strictly following the rules.

By going to Phuket, you can go to Phi Phi Islands by enjoying the speedboad. The scenery here attracts everyone towards itself. Here you can spend time by the sea, this place is also very perfect for partying with friends. It’s fun to do photography here too.

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