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Government Rehabilitation Scheme for Orphans from Corona

Government Rehabilitation Scheme for Orphans from Corona

The central government has decided to rehabilitate children being orphaned by the Corona pandemic.  In fact, after a flood of messages on social media proposing to adopt such children, the Ministry of Women and Child Development has issued a public notice.

The Ministry has advised people to abstain from engaging in or promoting any activity against the legal provisions.  The Ministry has said that the children whose parents have lost both due to this Covid should be produced before the District Child Welfare Committee within 24 hours.

This will not include the time it takes them to reach the committee.  The committee will assess the immediate needs of such children and pass appropriate orders regarding their rehabilitation.  The Ministry of Child Welfare said that it would be decided by the committee whether those children should be adopted or sent to institutional or non-institutional care.

The ministry said that efforts will be made to ensure that such children have a chance to grow and thrive in their family or community environment.  Also, under the Juvenile Justice Act, their safety and security of their interests can be ensured.  He said that if the child is given to a relative, then the government will monitor his health at regular intervals.  Information on such children who lost their parents due to corona can be given on 1098

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