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India May Soon Fly Drones to Deliver Covid-19 Vaccines in Remote Areas

India May Soon Fly Drones to Deliver Covid-19 Vaccines in Remote Areas

A massive Covid-19 vaccination campaign is being run in the country to break the chain of corona virus. The government of India has taken a big step to deliver the vaccine by drone to the remote areas of the country. Due to inaccessible and difficult roads, coronavirus vaccines are not being administered on time in some parts of India. In such a situation, the government has started this initiative by making a big plan. This has become possible in the research done by IIT Kanpur.

HLL Infra Tech Services Limited, on behalf of the India Council of Medical Research (ICMR), has also invited tenders in this regard on June 11 for delivering the vaccine through Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drone. The company has also released the application form. Right now, Corona is working to deliver the vaccine through drones only in Telangana.

HLL said the drone should be capable of covering an aerial distance of at least 35 km at an altitude of 100 metres. In addition, it should be able to lift a weight of at least 4 kg and return to its centre. HLL has also made it clear that parachute based delivery will not be given priority. ICMR has done a research in this regard in collaboration with IIT-Kanpur. In this, it has been seen whether the corona vaccine can be delivered to the inaccessible areas of the country through drones.

Two months ago, the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had approved the ICMR to study the delivery of corona vaccine by drone. ICMR has partnered with IIT-Kanpur for this project. According to the central government, this exemption given to ICMR is valid for one year.

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