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Govt Orders Chirag to Vacate Bungalow Allotted to his Father

Govt Orders Chirag to Vacate Bungalow Allotted to his Father

govt orders chirag paswan to vacate the banglow alloted his father

The problems of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) President (Chirag faction) Chirag Paswan are not decreasing. Now he has to vacate the bungalow of his father Ram Vilas Paswan. This order was issued on July 14 by the Directorate of Estates under the Ministry of Urban Development, after which Chirag had sought some time. Ram Vilas Paswan was living in this bungalow at 12, Janpath in Delhi for more than three decades.

Chirag Paswan has now been sent a notice again. Chirag Paswan is currently living in this bungalow with his mother and some other family members. Chirag Paswan himself is a Lok Sabha MP for the second time and because of this he has been allotted a house in North Avenue. Although he always lived with his father Ram Vilas Paswan and since his death, he has been living with his mother in the bungalow at 12, Janpath.

What will be the next step of Chirag Paswan after getting the notice regarding vacating the bungalow? According to sources, only last month, Chirag Paswan had sought some more time from the Ministry of Urban Development to vacate the house. He also had a meeting with Urban Development Minister Hardeep Puri in this regard. Sources informed that Chirag Paswan wants to stay in this bungalow till the first death anniversary of his father Ram Vilas Paswan. On October 8, the first anniversary of Ram Vilas Paswan will be.

Last month, more than 40 new ministers were made in the expansion of the Modi cabinet. According to sources, new houses are being allotted to all these ministers. In such a situation, the bungalow of Late Ram Vilas Paswan will also be allotted to a new minister. This bungalow was proposed to be allotted to Chirag Paswan’s uncle and Union Minister Pashupati Paras. After Paras, this bungalow was allotted to another Union Minister but he too had refused.

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