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Health ministry: Vaccination 3 Months After Covid Recovery

Health ministry: Vaccination 3 Months After Covid Recovery

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has accepted the new recommendations of the National Expert Group on Vaccination for Covid-19. The ministry said that according to the new recommendations, vaccination will not be done for three months after recovering from the disease.

The ministry said that if a person is infected after taking the first dose, the second dose will be postponed until three months after recovery. In addition, individuals who are suffering from any other serious illness need to be admitted to ICU care or admitted for four to eight weeks to get vaccinated.

The Health Ministry said that any person can donate blood 14 days after getting the vaccine or infected with Covid, if the RT-PCR report is negative. In addition, vaccination has been recommended for lactating women. No longer needs to be screened with rapid antigen test before vaccination.

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