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Heat Wave Continues to Affect North India

Heat Wave Continues to Affect North India

In the month of July, people are expected to get some relief from the heat. In fact, the India Meteorological Department has predicted ‘below normal’ to ‘normal’ rainfall in many areas of Northwest India during the month of July. Also, the India Meteorological Department said in its forecast on Thursday that there may be rain in some parts of South Peninsula, Central, East and Northeast India. Rainfall in July is likely to be between 94 to 106%.

At the same time, in July, there is a possibility of heavy rain in some parts of India and the peninsular as well as in the plains. According to the IMD, the sea surface temperature conditions in the Pacific and Indian Ocean are known to have a strong influence on the Indian monsoon, so the IMD is carefully monitoring the development of sea surface conditions over the ocean basins. IMD’s Direct General M Mohapatra has said that there is still a high probability of normal monsoon coming in the country in the month of July.

According to Mohapatra, till June 19, monsoon had arrived in most parts of the country except some parts of North West India including Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, but from June 26, the flow of monsoon started weakening. He said that the monsoon coverage has come down significantly in the last two days and there is no possibility of resumption of monsoon in the next 7 to 10 days.

Mohapatra has told that there is a possibility of monsoon coming only after July 11 or 12. At the same time, the IMD warned that weak monsoon conditions will affect agricultural activities especially sowing and transplanting of crops in many parts of the country.

The India Meteorological Department said that on Wednesday, the scorching heat recorded the mercury in the national capital at 43.5 degrees Celsius, which is believed to be the highest temperature so far this year. At the same time, heatwave is declared in the plains when the maximum temperature is more than 40 degrees Celsius and at least 4.5 degrees above normal.

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