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Home Remedies for Pigmentation

Home Remedies for Pigmentation

With increasing age, it has often been seen that people start getting freckles on their face. This environment of pollution makes this problem more serious. Therefore, special care is needed to keep the face away from this kind of problem. Earlier it was believed that freckles are a sign of increasing age, but in many people this problem is being seen even at a young age. There can be many reasons for this. Along with pollution, the problem is also being seen due to sunburn. Along with this, hormonal changes can also be the cause of freckles. If you also have the problem of freckles, then we are going to tell you some such tips by adopting which you can easily overcome the problem.

Aloe vera gel
If you have the problem of freckles on the face, then you can use aloe vera gel for this. To use it, first of all, take out the pulp of aloe vera and add a few drops of lemon to it. Now clean the face properly and apply it on the face. After this massage in circular motion on the face. With its regular use, the freckles on the face will reduce in a few days.

Cream and Vitamin C
Use cream and vitamin C to remove freckles from your face. Now add lemon juice to it and apply on the face. Keep in mind that before applying this paste, you must clean your face properly. Leave this paste on the face for 15 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly with water.

Ground camphor
Use ground camphor to remove freckles from the face. To use this, first take a spoonful of water and prepare a solution by adding camphor to it. Now add multani mitti to it and then add honey to it. Apply this pack on the face and leave it to dry. You will start seeing the difference in a few days.

Cumin water
Cumin water is not only beneficial for health but also for the skin. Use cumin water to remove freckles. Get up in the morning and boil water after adding two spoons of cumin seeds and wash your face with it after the water cools down. You will start seeing the difference in a few days.

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