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Hong Kong: Get Corona Vaccine and Get $ 1.4 Million Apartment

Hong Kong: Get Corona Vaccine and Get $ 1.4 Million Apartment

In Hong Kong, a lottery apartment is being offered to encourage people to vaccinate. Hong Kong developer Covid is offering a $ 1.4 million apartment as a prize to people who install the vaccine, as many people here are not keen on vaccination. The Sino Group’s Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation and Chinese Estate Holdings Ltd. are offering new apartments in their Grand Central project in the Quan Tong area. Hong Kong residents who take both vaccine doses are eligible for a draw for a 449-square-foot apartment.

The government said that it was studying several options, including donation of unused vaccine doses, as some of these vaccines are scheduled to expire in August. Hong Kong’s government is working to encourage people to take their shots once again by opening up and giving policy incentives like reducing the quarantine period.

Only 12.6% of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million population is fully vaccinated. Lucky draws are also being offered to residents in the United States of New York, Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky and Oregon.

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