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How to Convert Glossy Nail Paint to Matte Look

How to Convert Glossy Nail Paint to Matte Look

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Usually, women focus more on the color of their lipstick or eye makeup while doing makeup, but your nail paint also affects your look a lot. Most of the women resort to nail art designs to make their nails beautiful. Sometimes women go to the parlor and get nail art designs made, and sometimes they themselves prepare different designs at home. But there are many such girls who do not know how to do nail art themselves and it is not possible for them to go to the parlor every time. In such a situation, if you want to make your nails beautiful, then doing such matte nail paint can be a good idea. The matte look in nail paint looks good on both short and long nails. However, it is not necessary that you go to the market and buy matte look nail paints. Even if you do not have a matte finish nail paint, you can easily convert your normal nail paint to matte.

These are the ways to give matte look to nail paint

  • Let us tell you that with the help of eyeshadow, you can give a matte look to the nail paint. For this you can use expired eyeshadow. Make a fine paste of this eyeshadow and add talcum powder to it. Now add a base nail paint coat to it and use it. Your matte nail paint is ready.
  • To make matte nail paint from talcum powder, take out talcum powder in a plate and mix your favorite nail paint in it. Now apply it on the nail. You will get matte look nail paint.
  • You can also use warm water to give a glossy look to the nail paint. To use it, first apply glassy nail paint on the nails and then put it in lukewarm water. After removing the nails, you give the nail paint a matte finish look to the nail polish. Even without spending money, you can give a matte look to your nails sitting at home with these easy measures.

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