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HUMAN MADE x SIWILAI Collaboration Hits Thailand

HUMAN MADE x SIWILAI Collaboration Hits Thailand

Thailand has always been a melting pot of culture and creativity, a place where the past meets the present. This rich blend of tradition and modernity has now given birth to a unique collaboration between HUMAN MADE and SIWILAI, resulting in the exclusive release of a range of products, featuring an iconic elephant graphic T-shirt, limited-edition caps, and mugs. These exclusive items are available only at the SIWILAI STORE on Level 5 of Central Embassy in Bangkok, making it a must-visit destination for fashion and culture enthusiasts.

The HUMAN MADE x SIWILAI Collaboration

In an exciting partnership that’s sure to capture the attention of fashion aficionados and streetwear enthusiasts, HUMAN MADE, a brand known for its fusion of vintage aesthetics and contemporary style, has joined forces with SIWILAI, a Bangkok-based concept store that celebrates culture and craftsmanship. This collaboration brings together two powerhouses, each renowned for their unique take on fashion, art, and design.

The Exclusive Elephant Graphic T-Shirt

The centerpiece of this collaboration is the Elephant graphic T-shirt, which pays homage to Thailand’s national symbol, the majestic elephant. This classic rounded body tee is adorned with a stunning and iconic elephant graphic, showcasing the rich culture and heritage of Thailand. The design is a perfect fusion of HUMAN MADE’s signature style and Thailand’s deep-rooted symbolism.

Limited-Edition Caps and Mugs

Alongside the Elephant graphic T-shirt, this collaboration also includes limited-edition caps and mugs. These accessories are adorned with unique designs that reflect the essence of both HUMAN MADE and SIWILAI. The limited quantity of these items adds an exclusive touch to the collection, making them highly sought after by fashion connoisseurs.

Available Exclusively at SIWILAI STORE

To get your hands on these exclusive HUMAN MADE x SIWILAI products, you must visit the SIWILAI STORE on Level 5 of Central Embassy in Bangkok. The collaboration has chosen this space for a special pop-up event, creating a unique shopping experience that combines culture, craftsmanship, and fashion. The SIWILAI STORE is located on Level 5 of Central Embassy and will be the exclusive physical destination for these limited items. This in-store exclusivity adds an extra layer of excitement for fashion enthusiasts who are eager to explore and acquire these unique pieces.

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