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Hunger crisis in the world

Hunger crisis in the world

Last year, more than 150 million people in the world suffered from hunger. Not only this, there were about one and a half lakh people among them, who had reached the verge of death due to starvation. This is revealed in the report of 16 United Nations organizations. It is designed based on the situation in 55 countries with 97% of the world’s population.

The report said that epidemic has also been a major reason behind people getting to the brink of starvation. Last year, due to the Corona crisis, emergency and catastrophe, more people realized the need for food. The number of such people was two crore more. It was around 13 crores in 2019. The report also warns that this year i.e. 2021 is going to be more terrible than the previous year. It would be very serious and worse.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, quoting the Global Crisis Report of the Food Crisis, wrote that the number of people facing greater food insecurity in the world is increasing rapidly. They are more in number, who need immediate food, nutrition and livelihood support.

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