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Hyundai and Kia Cars Recalled – Not the First Time

Hyundai and Kia Cars Recalled – Not the First Time

Hyundai and Kia recall – Hyundai and Kia released a warning to owners in the US saying to park their cars outside. This is due to a possible defect that may cause the vehicles to catch fire even when not running. The problem is said to be due to “foreign contaminants”. These contaminants can cause the anti-lock brake computer control module can short circuit.

Hyundai issued a recall for the following models:

2016-2018 model year Santa Fe SUVs

2017-2018 Santa Fe Sport SUVs

2019 Santa Fe XL models

2014-2015 Tucson SUVs

Kia also announced a recall for the following models:

2016-2018 K900 sedans

2014-2016 Sportage SUVs

When recalled, the dealers are expected to inspect the anti-lock braking control module. It is a small computer that controls the emergency lock braking system. If found to have been contaminated or at risk of contamination, it may be replaced. Dealers are also expected to replace a fuse that controls the electric current to the anti-lock braking control unit. This would reduce power going to the module.

So far, there were 11 reports of these vehicles catching far. There were no injuries or fatalities related to these incidents.

Hyundai released a statement saying when it finds a safety defect “we act swiftly and efficiently to recall the vehicle and fix the problem at no cost to affected customers.”

This is not the first time that Hyundai and Kia issued a recall. This could mean problems in the design and flaws in their regulations to allow it to be released. Although this has happened in the United States only, there are no reports in Asia or Europe for these cars catching fire.

In an old report published in 2017, a whistleblower has raised his concerns about cars released with defects. This has caused the South Korean government to order a recall. An employee named Kim Gwang-ho, the 55-year-old man was the one who tipped the government. He said he’d decided to expose what was happening at the firm. This is because he couldn’t – in good faith – allow passengers to travel in vehicles he knew to be faulty.

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