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IBA issued advisory for banks

IBA issued advisory for banks

In view of the increasing havoc of Corona everywhere, now the working hours in banks can be reduced. Also, like other institutions, banks can now provide work from home to their employees. In fact, the Indian Bank Association (IBA) has issued an advisory to banks across the country in view of the increasing cases of corona. In this, banks have been asked to consider steps like reducing working hours, work from home and continuation of only essential services.

The advisory states that a limited time should be fixed for customers to enter and transact in the bank. This time can be between 10 am to 2 pm. It has also been said that facilities like digital banking, door step banking should be promoted. Customers should be made aware of this.

According to the advisory, four types of services will inevitably continue. These include cash deposits, cash withdrawals, money transfers in India and abroad and government transactions. The State Level Bankers Committee of each state and union territory will review the current status of Corona and decide on additional services offered by banks.

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