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IIT-Hyderabad Develops Oral Solution To Treat Black Fungus

IIT-Hyderabad Develops Oral Solution To Treat Black Fungus

Black fungus is also wreaking havoc in the country with the corona at this time. This disease has killed many people so far in this era of corona. Its treatment is very expensive, meanwhile researchers at IIT Hyderabad have prepared an effective solution for the treatment of black fungus. This solution will be given to the patient through the mouth.

After two years of research, Researcher now has complete confidence in this solution. They believe that it can be given for mass production. Another special thing of this solution is that it is very economical. The price of this 60 mg tablet is only 200 rupees.

Professor Saptarishi Majumdar, Dr. Chandra Shekhar Sharma and his PhD scholars Mrinalini Gaidhane and Anandita Laha have been working on this solution at IIT Hyderabad for the last two years.

“After two years of study, the researchers are confident that this technology can be transferred to the appropriate pharma partners for mass production,” the institute said.

He said, “Kala-azar treatment is currently being used to treat black and other types of fungus in the country and emergency and immediate testing of this drug should be allowed in view of its availability and economical rate.” ‘

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