Imran government passed the big test to save power

Imran Khan finally managed to save his government in Pakistan. During the floor test, 178 votes were cast in favor of Imran Khan in the National Assembly. 170 votes were needed. Meanwhile, there was a fierce commotion outside the assembly on MPs and leaders of the opposition. Bycotting the floor test, shoes were thrown at the opposition leaders who were performing outside the assembly. Muslim League leader Maryam Nawaz was attacked by supporters of Imran Khan. He was hit and kicked.

After securing the trust vote, Imran Khan addressed the house for about 45 minutes. Said, ‘No one can stop the development of Pakistan. We are also working towards electoral reforms. Now Pakistanis living abroad will also be able to vote. Apart from this, we are now working on getting the voting done by electronic machine. When this happens, the loser will have to accept his defeat.

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