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Imran Khan Supporters Take to the Streets

Imran Khan Supporters Take to the Streets

Imran Khan supporters take to the streets to peacefully protest the parliament’s decision to oust him as the Prime Minister. According to the former Prime Minister, the move to oust him was backed by the United States. This stems from his foreign policy decisions including a recent visit to Russia.

The opposition accused Mr. Khan of manipulating the public to try to remain in power.

Most commentators think Mr. Khan is misrepresenting the contents of a diplomatic cable issued by the Pakistani ambassador in Washington, which supposedly warned of “consequences” if Mr. Khan stayed in power.

However, the narrative is resonating with Mr. Khan’s supporters, many of whom chanted, “whoever is a friend of America, is a traitor”, at the protests.

Supporters chanted “we’ve decided we won’t live a life of slaves,” said one protester. “These people are all thieves and hopefully they’ll all go to jail,” he added, referring to Mr. Khan’s opponents.

There were also rumors that a rift emerged between Mr. Khan and the powerful Pakistan Army last year.

Defecting members of Imran Khan’s party have described the army’s role as “neutral” – it seems clear, however, that even if not actively involved in his downfall, the military is content to see Imran Khan out of office.

Many critics of Imran Khan, who have been harassed by the intelligence agencies for criticizing the army’s backing for his administration, have observed his supporters’ abrupt shift in attitude.

Some questioned the hypocrisy, considering their previous adulation for the army, while others applauded the apparent renewed confidence in civilian dominance.

A guy puts up a banner that reads “How many Vigos can you bring?” in one photo that has gone viral, alluding to a pick-up truck that has been used by members of the intelligence services to jail protestors.

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