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In the laps of Southern India:

In the laps of Southern India:

The Southern part of India is known for its rich cultural heritage and some of the most beautiful beaches as well as greenery. There are several getaway options that are on the menu for those looking to escape their weekday stress.

About 460 kms from the city of Bengaluru, in the Uttar Kannada District of Karnataka, Dandeli is a small town in the Western Ghats region. It is an unexplored location, perfect for thrill seekers. It caters to both, nature-lovers and adventure-seekers. On the banks of Kali river it offers a perfect sight-seeing option in the serene beauty of the place and its wildlife, and it also provides for white water rafting the river, with camping opportunities in the lap of nature.
It is the ideal spot for nature walks and picnics, for those looking to have a peaceful and calming weekend.

A little ahead from this place are a few more tourist attractions like the Shiroli Peaks and the Kavala Caves. There’s so much that remains to be explored in this town by travellers and is the perfect trip option if you’re looking for an unconventional travel opportunity.

The erstwhile French Colony of Puducherry (or Pondicherry) is the colourful city with bright
buildings and placid beaches, attracting tourists from all over the country. It is just 150 kms from Chennai and around 300 kms from Bengaluru.

For architecture and history enthusiasts, this makes for the perfect place to visit on a weekend. It caters to foodies with its french delicacies and to adventure seekers with several activities like scuba diving. The beautiful place with a line of beaches makes for the perfect weekend trip
catering to all tastes.

Shamirpet Lake
Just 30 kms from the City of Nizam, Hyderabad, is a serene and calm artificial lake site. It attracts a wide variety of birds in its quiet atmosphere. It makes for a nice, sweet weekend escape to enjoy the calmness of nature while watching the flights of beautiful birds. If you’re looking for peace and serenity on your weekend, then Shamirpet Lake is your place.

In the District of Coimbatore, about 600 kms from Chennai, this unknown spot lies in the Anaimalai Hills range in the Western Ghats. This place, known as the ‘7th heaven’ is an offbeat destination with a beautifully green and natural aura, making for a perfectly peaceful weekend. While you’re there you can visit a number of other places like the Nallamudi point, dams like Sholayar and Nallamudi. For a relaxing weekend or staycation, Valparai makes for the perfect nature’s retreat.

Known as the ‘Spa of South’, Courtallam in the Tirunelveli district on the Western Ghats is about 600 kms from Chennai. Not well known amongst travellers, this is a beautiful place that has a lot to watch and activities to do. It prides in its waterfalls which are magnificent
pieces of nature. For a perfect weekend trip, this place offers a diversity of relaxing activities and will keep you engaged.

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