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India Abstains On UNGA Resolution On Myanmar

India Abstains On UNGA Resolution On Myanmar

India refused to vote in the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on Myanmar. In a meeting convened to restore democracy in Myanmar, a draft was presented in the United Nations in which all countries had to vote. India said, India’s point of view was not reflected in the draft resolution. India said, if the international community wants a peaceful solution in Myanmar, it is important to incorporate the perspective of Myanmar’s neighboring countries.

India will continue to make efforts to restore the democratic process. meanwhile, India’s Ambassador to the United Nations TS Tirumurti has said that India’s position on Myanmar has been very clear and consistent. We have expressed our deep concern over the developments in Myanmar. We strongly condemn the use of violence in Myanmar and call for maximum restraint.

Tirumurti said India welcomes the initiative of ASEAN’s five-point consensus on Myanmar. Our diplomatic effort is committed to achieving this objective. We call for the release of detained leaders for maintaining the rule of law in Myanmar.

India will continue its efforts towards restoration of the democratic process in Myanmar so that the aspirations and hopes of the people of Myanmar are respected and fulfilled.

India is trying its best to resolve the issue of repatriation of displaced people from Myanmar’s Rakhine province at the earliest. Myanmar shares the longest border with Bangladesh.

A draft on Myanmar was accepted at the UNGA meeting. Under this draft, it was said that the Myanmar army should respect the sentiments of the people which is enshrined in the result of the general election held on 8 November 2020. Therefore, in the interest of human rights of the people, emergency should be abolished immediately and democratically elected Parliament should be started. In addition, in order to restore the democratic process in Myanmar, it should work towards bringing all kinds of national institutions under a fully inclusive civil government according to the wishes of the people.

This draft resolution was supported by 119 countries. Only one country, Belarus, opposed it, while 35 countries including India did not participate in the voting process. Apart from India, China and Russia were also included in the countries that withdrew from the voting process. Clarifying its decision not to vote, India said, “We have found that the draft that has been passed today does not contain the views of India.” We would like to reiterate that it is important to adopt a consultative and constructive approach from Myanmar’s neighboring countries and regions if the international community is ready to find a peaceful solution to this issue.

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