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India Opposes Covid Vaccine Passports At G7 Meet

India Opposes Covid Vaccine Passports At G7 Meet

The discussion of ‘Vaccine Passport’ is also being done amidst the havoc of Corona infection released around the world. Many developed countries like America and Britain are preparing to release it. At the same time, European countries have also supported the implementation of vaccine passports. But India has opposed the vaccine passport initiative and termed it discrimination.

In the virtual meeting of G-7, on behalf of India, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said that the availability of vaccine is very less in many developing and backward countries. In such a situation, if the vaccine was used as a passport, then the people of those countries would not be able to move anywhere. Such an initiative can prove to be very discriminatory.

In this summit, Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that in this era of pandemic it is more important to increase the production of vaccine and ensure its supply. He said that about 60% of the vaccines are made in India and that is enough to help increase the world’s capacity and supply.

Let us tell you that India is not a part of G-7, but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has included India as an invited member. In this, Australia and South Korea were also invited as guest countries. The G-7 includes the United States, France, Canada, Britain, Germany, Japan and Italy.

Vaccine passport will be your health card in a way, in which it will be mandatory to give all the information related to corona vaccination. For example, whether you have got the corona vaccine or not. Whether your corona test has been done or not, and whether it is positive or negative etc. It is worth noting that it will be mandatory to show this vaccine passport not only during foreign trips but also at the time of taking entry in any public place, stadium, office, cinema hall etc. If you have been vaccinated then you will be given entry or else you will be returned.

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