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Indian actor and Activist Deep Sidhu Dies in a Crash

Indian actor and Activist Deep Sidhu Dies in a Crash

Deep Sidhu Dies

Indian actor and activist Deep Sidhu dies in a car crash Tuesday, according to police officials. He was 37. He is known to back the country’s year-long farmer’s movement. Sonipat Police senior official Virender Singh announced the news. Sidhu’s car crashed into the rear end of a truck in the northern state of Haryana. He died on the spot, Singh said.

Born in Punjab state, Sidhu started his career as a model before landing a role in the film Ramta Jogi in 2015. He was a vocal supporter of India’s farmer’s movement. The movement saw tens of thousands of farmers camp for months on the outskirts of the capital Delhi. They were protesting against three laws implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government that they said could ruin their livelihood. In a rare retreat, Modi repealed the laws in November last year.

Sidhu’s role in the farmer’s movement was allegedly instigating violence during a Republic Day rally on January 26, 2021. He was arrested in February last year on suspicion of inciting protesters during the rally. He was granted bail after spending about 70 days in police custody.

Punjab’s Chief Minister Charanjit Channi said “My thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved family and fans.”

The Accident

The accident happened near Kharkhoda toll around 9:30 pm, the police said. Police were looking for the driver of the 22-tire truck that was parked on the expressway. What caused the accident is not yet known. It is also not yet clear whether the recovery of a liquor bottle has any connection with the incident. The photographs of the accident scene show Deep Sidhu’s vehicle badly mangled on the driver’s side. Deep Sidhu was accompanied by an NRI (non-resident Indian) friend, Reena Rai, who survived the accident. Police were questioning her to ascertain what led to the accident.

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