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Indian Laboratory Investigated

Indian Laboratory Investigated

Indian Laboratory SpiceHealth Investigated – Indian authorities are currently investigating a private lab that has conducted tests for India – Italy flights for the past week.

Authorities fear contamination or improper testing made by the lab for two flights from Italy. Upon arriving in Amritsar, 173 passengers from Rome and 125 from Milan tested positive. 30 individuals from the positive group were retested at the airport by a different lab and only 3 of them came back as positive. Airport officials also stated that they have stopped using the lab’s services for now.

Airport director VK Seth stated, “if it’s a manufacturing fault, we have to follow certain guidelines. If it’s a human or procedural fault, then we will certainly take action”.

Based on the primary investigation reported by Dr. Charanjit Singh, civil surgeon of Amritsar, test inaccuracy was due to machine controls not working.

SpiceHealth release a statement saying due to the “alarmingly high positivity rate of passengers … we have decided to conduct a detailed technical investigation and decontamination”

Amritsar has been the center of attention recently as 13 passengers have escaped the quarantine procedures at the airport. The authorities are still on the hunt for the passengers and have promised to sanction them for risking public health.

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