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India’s Masterclass in International Diplomacy

India’s Masterclass in International Diplomacy

India’s masterclass in international diplomacy is in full display as PM Narendra Modi addresses the west on the country’s relationship with Russia. Both President Joe Biden and PM Boris Johnson spoke to Pm Narendra Modi about India not taking a stance against Russia. Many criticized the country’s decision to continue to buy Russian oil.

Last week White House expressed its “disappointment” with India and described the country as somewhat “shaky”. Days before his trip to India, Boris Johnson spoke about how he wanted to discuss their differences with India in the Ukraine War.

This week, however, both the western countries changed their tune. White House spoke about “a deep connection between our people” and “shared values.”

India however, did not change their stance regarding Ukraine. The country continues to purchase Russian oil and notably abstained from the UN condemnation of Russia.

The Asian country has taught the west a masterclass in international diplomacy according to Harsh V. Pant, a professor in international relations at King’s College London.

India has a major advantage, it is vital to both Russia and the United States. Both US and India are increasingly wary of the growing economic and military power of China. India is a country the US could not afford not to partner with at this time. Also, India has a dispute with China regarding their borders.

This is one factor why the west is very vocal about China not taking sides and yet silently criticizing India. For now, both India and China seem to have the same opinion regarding the war in Ukraine.

Russia and India have been long known to share deep ties as many times, as Russia has come to the aid of the country. This is among many reasons why India refused to stand against Russia.

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