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INDUS Restaurant​ Review | Indian​ Food​ in​ Bangkok​, Thailand

INDUS Restaurant​ Review | Indian​ Food​ in​ Bangkok​, Thailand

Indian Cuisines are delicious and becomes more exotic when you get the chance to taste it abroad. I choose to go with my Thai friend (as she too loves Indian food) on the weekend for a lunch date and thought of sharing our experience with the IndoThai Viewers.

For those who want a taste of home, a start into a well-defined culinary ground, jump into the delish drive, tempting aroma, and a picturesque palette of the foremost qualities INDUS Restaurant at Bangkok is where you can try for. Furnished with every ounce of love and care, try the Indian meals at this place, a feast for your palate unlike no other.

Kababs, Raam, Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer served with hand-made chutneys along with sweet lassi is what we were served. The dishes looked absolutely tempting and mouth-watering. The good part was that we were also told about the significance of each spice which makes the Indian Dishes so unique, edible and interesting.

Bringing all the flavors together along with a great ambience, we enjoyed an absolute luxury. Well no Indian Meal is complete without a sweet dish, and Gulab Jamun (a very common and old Indian sweet) is what we choose to binge in. A sure recommendation for all Indian Food lovers and also to all my Thai foodie friends. 

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