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INMR WORLD CONGRESS 2023 Arrives in Bangkok

INMR WORLD CONGRESS 2023 Arrives in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand – The INMR WORLD CONGRESS is back from November 12-15, 2023, bringing global experts to share insights on power transmission and distribution. Held every two years across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, the Congress last convened in Berlin in 2022.

Mission: Powering Progress

The Congress is a unique gathering for professionals in power engineering, featuring 100+ presentations on crucial topics. From managing aging assets to optimizing insulation design, discussions span cable systems, surge arresters, and more.

Over the span of three days, participants will have the opportunity to attend over 100 technical presentations covering critical topics in power transmission and distribution. Some of the key discussions will focus on:

  1. Asset Management in the Face of Ageing and Climate Change: Exploring diagnostic approaches to support asset management.
  2. Insulation Design Optimization: Discussing the latest trends in optimizing insulation design and dimensions for applications on overhead lines and at substations.
  3. Condition Monitoring of Cable Systems: Addressing laboratory and on-site testing, along with condition monitoring of medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) cable systems and accessories.
  4. Enhancing Surge Arresters and Bushings: Improving application and condition monitoring of surge arresters and bushings.
  5. Insulation Challenges in Harsh Environments: Assessing pollution severity in various environments and resolving insulation problems, especially in areas prone to high pollution, such as seacoasts, deserts, and heavy industrial zones.
  6. Insulator Technologies and Designs: Testing the performance of different insulator technologies and designs.
  7. Lightning Performance of Overhead Lines: Exploring strategies to improve the lightning performance of overhead lines.
  8. Advanced Inspection Techniques: Utilizing the latest inspection techniques and technologies for key overhead line components, including insulators, arresters, and line hardware.

Exhibition: A Hands-On Showcase of Cutting-Edge Technologies

Running parallel to the technical conference, the PRODUCT & TECHNOLOGY EXHIBITION will provide a hands-on experience for attendees. Showcasing the newest designs of key network components and related testing services and equipment, this exhibition allows participants to engage directly with experts from leading international suppliers. It serves as a unique opportunity to discuss individual needs, explore emerging technologies, and foster collaborations.

As the global power industry navigates through challenges and innovations, the INMR WORLD CONGRESS 2023 in Bangkok stands as a beacon of knowledge exchange, collaboration, and advancement, ultimately shaping the future landscape of power transmission and distribution.

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