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Israel-Hamas war continues, 126 dead

Israel-Hamas war continues, 126 dead

So far 126 people have been killed in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. They also include 31 children. More than 950 people have been injured in attacks on both sides. Of the dead, 9 are Israeli and the rest are Palestinian. Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Force IDF spread in the media on Friday evening that the Israeli Army is about to attack the Gaza Strip to kill Hamas militants. As soon as this news spread, Hamas terrorists hid in the tunnel (tunnel). After this, for 40 minutes, 160 fighter planes of Israel bombed the tunnels.

The IDF claims that dozens of Hamas commanders were killed in their airstrikes. Shortly after the airstrike, the army dismissed the military attack on the Gaza Strip as a media misunderstanding. Hamas also claimed to have located the missile launching site in Gaza.

The IDF launched 200 rockets from the Gaza Strip onto Israel. More than 100 of them were killed in the air by the Iron Dome. These were supposed to fall in Israel’s population area. 30 misfires and fell on Gaza. Syrian side also launched 3 rockets on Israel on Saturday. One of them misfired and fell into Syria itself. So far, Hamas has left 2300 rockets to Israel.

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