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Jai Shri Ram Foundation Announces Awadh Association Inauguration

Jai Shri Ram Foundation Announces Awadh Association Inauguration

The Jai Shri Ram Foundation of Thailand has announced the the inauguration of Awadh Association on 14th October 2021. This association would aim to cater to the the society. The proposed Awadh Association would work in all the areas of social and cultural development including education, health, culture and social integrity.

Founder of the Jai Shri Ram Foundation Mr Pawan Mishra Said that the region of Awadh is one of the most important culture hubs of India. With the strong Legacy of the birth of Lord Shri Ram, Awadh has been the the focus area for cultural and social activities in India.

The Awadh Foundation is aimed at connecting the people of Awadh area of India to the people of Awadh area residing in other parts of the world so as to maintain a better connect among the Awadh residents. The association will work for all the sections of society living in India and Thailand so that it benefits the larger section of the the society.

The association also aims to organise social and cultural events related to to social betterment including education, employment, employment-based training, short term courses, workshops and several other cultural activities. Besides this the Awadh Foundation would work as a unit of Jay Shri Ram Foundation which aims to the construction of two large temples.

Some of the verticals of the Awadh Association shall be taken care of by the renowned social worker Mr Thewan Tiwari. The Phuket chapter of the association shall be managed by social worker Mr Vinod Handa. Mr Ashok Mishra will one of the managing members of the association.

Mr Pawan Mishra shall continue to be the the Founder president of the association. The list of names of the executives will be released soon. The association shall be inaugurated on 14th October 2021 on the occasion of Shri Maha Navami Puja. Jai Shri Ram Foundation shall also held a donation drive on the inaugural day.

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