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Japan Bans Moderna’s Vaccine

Japan Bans Moderna’s Vaccine

In this era of Corona, all countries are emphasizing on vaccination, but Japan has banned Moderna’s corona vaccine fighting this pandemic. This is the fourth time this week that Japan has banned this vaccine of Corona. In a statement issued by Kanagawa Prefecture, it was said that during the investigation of foreign objects, it was found that many black particles were found in a vial of Moderna’s Covid Vaccine.

Japan has banned this vaccine only after this black particle was found in Moderna’s corona vaccine. So far this vaccine of Moderna has been given to 3,790 people. After this the batch of this vaccine has been banned. In Japan last week too, a black substance was found in the vial of this vaccine, after which 1.63 lakh modern corona vaccines were banned.

On the other hand, on getting the substance in the vaccine, Moderna and Spanish pharma company Rovi said that mixing black colored substance in the vaccine could be a manufacturing issue. European safety regulators have started an investigation.

A few days ago, in Gunma, a mixture of black color was found in the vial of Moderna Vaccine and a pink color in another syringe. On this incident, the Health Ministry of Japan said that such incidents of vaccine getting the substance were due to wrongly inserting the needle in the vial. He said that while inserting the syringe, the rubber stopper in it broke and the pieces went inside the vial.

The problem came at a time when Japan is struggling to contain the Covid, as the government announced plans to place eight more prefectures in a state of emergency.

Let us tell you that in India too, the Moderna Vaccine has got permission for emergency use. Drug manufacturer Cipla has been allowed to sell and import it in India.

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