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Jetstar Starts Flights Between Phuket and Singapore

Jetstar Starts Flights Between Phuket and Singapore

Travel restrictions are now being relaxed in all countries emerging from Corona, and now
Jetstar Asia Airways has also decided to start weekly flights. Jetstar Asia Airways has started weekly flights between Singapore and Phuket. After the start of the air service which has been lying for days, the people at Phuket airport were greeted with pomp by various airport staff including the Deputy Director of Operations and Maintenance. The first flight departed Singapore Friday evening and arrived at Phuket International Airport an hour and 40 minutes later.

The service is scheduled to depart Singapore’s Changi Airport every Friday at 7:44 PM. With a time difference of one hour, the flight will land at Phuket International Airport.

The return flight from Phuket to Singapore is scheduled for a quick turnaround, departing exactly 1 hour after arrival at 9:30 pm and with a time difference of one hour, the flight lands in Singapore at 12:03 .

Jetstar’s first flight includes 2 Thai Airways flights, 2 Singapore Airlines flights, one flight from Emirates, one from Qatar Airways and 2 private jets, out of a total of 9 flights to reach Phuket tomorrow. While exact passenger numbers for each flight were not released, Thailand’s airports in Phuket confirmed that a total of 588 passengers arrived in Phuket by air on Friday.

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