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Navratri Day 6

Navratri Day 6

Day 6 of Navratri is dedicated to the sixth manifestation of Maa Durga, Goddess Katyayani.

The origin goes back to the time of Sage Katyayana, who was conceived in the Katya heredity that began from Rishi Vishwamitra, a passionate admirer of Goddess Parvati. He attempted extreme compensation to assuage Maa Parvati and appealed to the goddess to accept birth as his little girl. Satisfied by his dedication, the goddess embodied as his little girl and came to be known as Katyayani, or ‘girl of Katyayan’.

Simultaneously, evil spirit ruler Mahishasura took to plainness to please Lord Brahma, who at that point conceded him the help of being invulnerable. He couldn’t be slaughtered by men, divine beings or evil spirits however must be destroyed by a woman. The safe Mahishasura threatened creatures on earth in the three universes. Maa Katyayani was summoned to free the universe of Mahishasura. She vanquished the evil presence ruler and his military of devils. In this manner, the manifestation of Goddess Parvati is said to be the most brutal and is otherwise called the Warrior Goddess.

Devi Katyani, having three eyes and four arms is an ideal method to accomplish Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha If you make promise of fasting and revering her, she would favor you with the partner you have wished and appealed to God for. On the off chance that a woman’s marriage is getting postponed because of either reason, she may venerate Maa Katyayani to expel impediments that might cause delays in her marriage. Devi Katyani is likewise called as the Queen of Braj as she was venerated by the gopis to get Lord Krishna as their better half.

Auspicious flower:  Marigold
Color of the Day: Green
Mantra: ‘Om Devi Katyayani Namah’

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