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Kim Jong-Un Orders To Eliminate Cats And Pigeons In Bid To Stop Covid Spread

Kim Jong-Un Orders To Eliminate Cats And Pigeons In Bid To Stop Covid Spread

In an effort to stop the spread of the corona virus, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has ordered the elimination of all pigeons and cats because he believes that pigeons and cats are spreading the corona virus through the border from China. To curb the outbreak of Corona virus in North Korea, many measures were announced by the dictator.

Corona prevention measures include an order to eliminate stray cats and to shoot any bird, cat if they try to enter the country from the border of China. Recently, a family in Hessen, near the border, was penalized and kept in an isolation center for 20 days for having a cat in their home. In towns and cities near the border, officials have been seen shooting birds and searching for cats and owners. Korean officials are also pressuring local people to kill animals.

Strict instructions have been given to the people living in the border areas that pigeons and cats should be killed on sight. So that the possibility of spreading corona infection in North Korea can be eliminated. In particular, the authorities of Hyesan and Sinuiju are forcing the local people to kill pigeons and cats. Action is also being taken against those who do not follow the order.

The dictator suspects that these animals are bringing the dangerous virus from China through the border. The report said citizens of Korea called the order “illogical”. Earlier it was revealed that the dictator of North Korea has banned Chinese medicines in major hospitals of the country after the death of an official. The 60-year-old bureaucrat was reported to be suffering from a heart-related ailment and was popular with Jong Un. Jong Un became the governor of North Korea in 2021 after the death of his father Kim Jong Il. Meanwhile, North Korea is said to have strongly criticized some countries for stockpiling more stocks of the Kovid-19 vaccine.

The Korean administration has also asked the World Health Organization to help achieve fair distribution of the Kovid-19 vaccine around the world.

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