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Kite Festival Organized in Pattaya

Kite Festival Organized in Pattaya

Kite Festival

Thailand has always been the main choice of tourists to visit. Every year lakhs of tourists come here. This year, to attract tourists to Thailand, Kite Festival was organized in Pattaya, Thailand from 26th to 28th November. Pattaya hosted a beach kite festival for the first time.

More than 120 different types of kites were flown in the skies over the beach for the three-day event. The festival included multicolored squid kites, bear dragons, whale kites and kites adorned with LED lights. Kite making workshops were also organized during the programme. In which children were taught to make kites on the beach.

This festival was organized with the hope that the economy which was closed during the Corona period could be brought back on track. During the event, people were also instructed to strictly follow the rules of Covid-19, masks and social distance at all times.

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